Kamil Ahmadi is deprived to access to lawyer

No accurate information is available on the fate of a Kurdish worker

Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Piranshahr

The indeterminate of a Piranshahri citizen in Naqadeh Prison

Transfer of a Kurdish citizen to Urmia Central Prison

No information is available on the fate of three Kurdish citizens

A Kurdish tradesman was injured in Sardasht

Arrest of a Kurdish researcher in Tehran

A Sardashti citizen was maimed after a landmine explosion

Sirous Abasi was released from Qorveh prison

A Kurdish tradesman lost his life in direct firing by the IRGC

Conviction of three Kurdish citizens in Urmia and Sanandaj

A Kurdish tradesman was wounded at the border of Nowsud

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Ilam

Killing if a Kurdish Kolbar at the border of Khoy

A Kurdish citizen was arrested in Kamyaran

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Dehgolan

Six Kurdish citizens in the Hawraman district of Sarvabad were sentenced to prison

Summoned a 75-year-old citizen to the headquarters of the Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau

Arrested of Kurdish citizens in Kamyaran are continuing

A Kurdish Kolbar died due to firing of government troops in Piranshahr

Arrest of another three citizens in Kamyaran

Soghra Khalili was released from prison

A young kurd was arrested in Kamyaran

Transfer of a young Oshnavieh\'s man to Urmia prison

A Kurdish citizen was temporarily released on bail

Ettelaat arrested a Kurdish citizen in Piranshahr

Transfer of a Kurdish citizen to Oshnavieh Prison

Absolute unawareness about the fate of a Marivani citizen

Arrest of two young Kurds in Marivan and transfer to Sanandaj\'s Ettelaat