A young man from Urmia sentenced to one year in discretionary imprisonment

Four Kurdish citizens were sentenced to four years in prison

150 years in discretionary imprisonment sentences for two Kurdish political prisoners

The firing of government troops at the Sardasht border resulted in the death of a Kurdish Kolbar

A Kurdish Kolbar has fallen from heights' valley as government troops chase

Two Kurdish Kolbars was wounded at the height of Piranshahr's border

Arrest of four literary activists in Bokan

A Kurdish Kolbar was Injured by government troops in Urmia

Ettelaat arrested a Kurdish citizen in Bokan

A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded at Sardasht border

Arrest of four Kurdish citizens in Kurdish cities

Injury of a Kurdish Kolbar at the Salmas border

The detention and summoning of Kurdish citizens are continuing

A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded in Paveh

Two Piranshahri Kolbars were killed by direct firing of the IRGC

Arrest of seven Kurdish citizens in Baneh

Massive arrests of Kurdish citizens in Marivan

civil society of Kurdistan condemns Turkey's attack on Rojava

Execution of a prisoner accused of "premeditated murder" in Sanandaj prison

A Kurdish social activism was sentenced to six months in prison and twenty lashes

Turkish Offensive into Rojava, Reasons and Implications

A 28 years old Kolbar was the victim of a mine explosion

A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded at the Piranshahr's border

A young Kurd was transferred to Saqez Prison to serve sentence

Deprivation of a Kurdish teacher from parole and leave

A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded by government troops' firing in Sardasht

A Kurdish tradesman was severely injured at the Sardasht border

A Kurdish Kolbar was died due to direct firings of IRGC troops in the Keleshin, Oshnavieh

A Kurdish Kolbar was injured due to mine explosion

Deprivation of a Kurdish political prisoner from leave of absence