Kurdpa Human Rights Organization

The frightful situation of human rights in different parts of Iran and the existing tendencies toward intensification of systematic and institutionalized violations of human rights, caused a need for an independent human rights organization that can coherently and continuously identify, record and report human rights violations, as well as educate citizens and activists with human rights principles in parts of Iran that are inaccessible or less accessible to various organizations.

Therefore, the Kurdpa Human Rights Organization is established as a non-profit organization, relying on professional journalists and reporters who are already working in various fields in these practically forgotten areas. Kurdpa Human Rights Organization has been set up by a network of journalists who are working in these areas. Kurdpa Organization intends to compensate the existing shortcomings in identifying and reporting human rights violations and fill the existing gaps.

Accordingly, we recall the three main principles to which Kurdpa is trying to adhere;

First, politicism or partisanship is and has been one of the blights that has been bedeviling this field. Kurdpa, as its most basic principle, intends to act without maintaining any political considerations while keeping its professional independence.

Second, acting as a human rights organization requires that its members and officials take a holistic approach to human rights. Kurdpa aims to expand its human rights approach by using the ongoing training of its members, as well as other interested people in the community. We have sensed that various considerations stemming from political, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientations have caused activists in this field to make compromises on their approach towards human rights. We will try to fill the gap that exists as a result of political considerations and a lack of belief in human rights as an inseparable whole even among human rights reporters.

Third, the credibility of the human rights organization requires adherence to the principle of being able to verify the human rights violations also through a second source. In this regard, we will focus more on journalists, lawyers and activists who are already working in these regions.

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