The sharp reaction of Kurd students to the offensive remarks of the students Basij director of Kurdistan University

Malakshahi\'s Nowruz Celebration was canceled

The issuance of a sentence of 16 years imprisonment for three Marivani citizens

Satiari welcomed Nowruz

Saghez Provision Council adopted decisions to deal vigorously with the New Year celebrations

Bureau of Properties impounded Kamyaran Singer\'s artistry card

IRGC’s interference made a cultural event boycotted

The director of Ershad Bureau in Paweh threatened Kurdish cultural activists and poets

\"Falklor Music Nights\" canceled by Bokan security forces

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Echoes from the Other Land, a stirring account of author's life and the persecution facing Kurdish people

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The Persian writer Simin Daneshvar Passes Away in Tehran

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Bam Citadel may be removed from UNESCO list