The fire set on Vajin, a Cultural-Artistic Center in Mariwan was intentional

21:19 - 12 August 2017
Kurdpa Agency: Vajin, a Cultural-Artistic Center in Mariwan (Marivan) was set on fire by unidentified people.

According to a report received by Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa), on Friday, August 11th, the building of the Cultural-Artistic Center Vajin, in the city of Mariwan (Marivan) was burned by unknown people.

The Cultural-Arts Center in a statement announced that the “fire was intentional” and the act “cowardly and anti-cultural”.

\"\"As result of the fire, much of the materials and the building burned down, and cultural activists in the city consider the fire to be the work of the security forces.

Over the past years, the Cultural-Artistic Center Vajin, a Kurdish word meaning revival, has organized conferences, exhibitions, festivals and cultural and artistic seminars for Kurdish language and literature. These activities have been welcomed and supported by the people of the city.

The Center is a non-governmental, non- for-profit, and non-political organization which began its activities in the summer of 2004. The focus of the Center is folklore, and original Kurdish culture.