A Kurdish film on German cinema screens

13:49 - 26 May 2012
Kurdpa:will be screened in German cinemas starting tomorrow. A Kurdish movie “Mesh” directed by Kurdish director “Shiar Abdi”

The movie, a joint product of Germany and Iraq, produced by ‘Selamo’ and ‘Abdulla Edo’ will be in cinemas on May 24.

The film ‘Mesh’ won the four main international awards at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in Turkey.

The film is about a disturbed man named Xelilo who lives in an abandoned store and walks endlessly through the streets of Nusaybin, a Kurdish village in Mardin province in the south east of Turkey where he acquaints with children who live a carefree life.

His life and that of the children dramatically changes when the Turkish military takes power and a curfew is imposed on the city.

This is a first film to be screened in Turkey in Kurdish, and the director also earned the best director award in Sulaymaniyah Film Festival.

‘Mesh’ has also participated in London and Rome film festivals, and as well in the Spanish Music Festival Obey in Jerry Goldsmith Award as the best film.