Saghez Provision Council adopted decisions to deal vigorously with the New Year celebrations

20:25 - 15 March 2019
Kurdpa Agency: The Saghez Provision Council in a meeting emphasized that they encounter with Nowruz events on this city.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, March 13th, the Saghez Provision Council took decisions to create a security environment and deal with the events of Nowruz.

An informed source, confirming this news to the Kurdpa Agency, said that the prosecutor of Saghez was also present at the meeting.

This informed source adding that decisions are taken at the meeting to create a security environment in Saghez and they have been announced to the military and intelligence agencies of the city.

On the other hand, the Marivan\'s Bureau of Properties has impounded singers\' artistry cards to prevent their presence in Nowruz celebrations.

The Marivan\'s Bureau of Properties has told singers that their Artistry Cards will be in their office until the end of the Nowruz holiday.

In this connection, a few days ago, Kamyaran\'s Bureau of Properties were calling on the singers of the city to hand over their artistry card to the office.

Also, Palangan village council, under the pressure of the Kamyaran\'s Ettelaat Bureau, with an announcement canceled the Nowruz celebrations.

Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties has launched a campaign called \"Nowruz, Dance of freedom\", which in response to the campaign, intelligence agencies created a climate of terror and arrest of Kurdish activists.