Hezbollah in Kermanshah is about to close Kurdish Artistic Exhibition down

12:49 - 27 September 2014
Kurdpa Agency: Following inauguration of an exclusive photo gallery in Kermanshah, Ansar-Hezbollah showed no respect to the galleries organizer. They tried to destroy and close the exhibition down.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday Zhaw Group, started photo galleries at the Scientific-Applied University of Kermanshah. This activity was opposed by the Hezbollah and Besij (militia) of the city.

One of the participants of the exhibition told Kurdistan Press Agency ‘’alongside the opening of the exhibition, the members and advocates of Hezbollah entered the exhibition hall and while disrespecting the sponsor of the exhibition, they also tried to destroy the artworks.

This Participant also said, that the Besij and the members of Hezbollah intentionally started crying and shouting in which raised a major disruption within the exhibition.

Awhile ago, the websites close to Hezbollah in Kermanshah described such an exhibition as ‘’immorality’’ and ‘’vulgar’’.

‘’Zhaw’’ Group has opened this exhibition as a support for the people of Shingal and would be open for five days. Fifteen prominent artists have presented their artworks in the exhibition.

Hezbollah of Kermanshah has called on the Security- Police Centers of Governorate to have an opposing reaction regarding this exhibition as soon as possible and claiming that the photos are not worth an Islamic community.

The so-called group of Ansar-Hezbollah in Kermanshah had earlier disregarded two well-known Kurdish Singers ‘’Hassan Zirak and Mazhar Xaliqi’’.

This radical group had named Zirak and Xaliqi as arrogant and immodest. Moreover, Hezbollah in Kermanshah had also disrespected famous Kurdish Artist ‘’Naser Razazi’’ by the means of an intimidated letter.

Although Iranian Eleventh Government is trying to control Hezbollah and opposing patrolling public in Iran, on Wednesday 17 September, this group announced the second part of implementing their policies. They are also about recruiting new members and claiming that they would clean up the streets from lunatics and evil person.

While ago, Hezbollah hold a meeting at National Park of Tehran opposing Bad Hejabi (not wearing hijab properly).However the governor of Tehran was not aware of giving any permission for this meeting .

Executive Staff of Ansar- Hezbollah had declared that they would intensify their attempts in all cities of Iran. For this purpose they would not get permission from the government and would fulfill their duties under Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps’ decision.

Persistence of this group over patrolling public and extending their activities is also opposed by the head of Parliament ‘’Ali Larijani’’.