Three Kurdish Kolbars were wounded by IRGC forces at Urmia's Sumay-ye Beradust border

Detention of a Kurdish citizen in Piranshahr

Kurdish civil activist was arrested in Javanrud

Detention of Kurdish citizens continues in Oshnovieh

Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Oshnovieh

A young kurd was arrested in Bokan

A shepherd died after being shot by Revolutionary Guards at the Sardasht border

Detention of Kurdish citizens continues in Mahabad

Arrest of a Kurdish artist in Bokan

Security and military forces arrested a young man in the village of Ney, at the same time as creating a security atmosphere

A prisoner accused of "murder" was executed in Sanandaj Prison

A Piranshahri citizen was sentenced to five years in prison

Three Kurdish Kolbars were killed and wounded at the border of Urmia

Another Kolbar was died after government troops opened fire on the Chaldoran border

A Kurdish Kolbar was killed by gunfire in the Chaldoran highlands

Farhad Abdullahpour: My brother's death sentence was carried out in one of the Oshnavieh barracks

Kurdish citizen was arrested again in Piranshahr

Detention of Telegram channel director "The voice of the People of Baneh"

A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded after government troops opened fire in Nowsud

Arrest of a construction worker in Tehran

Kaveh Bahrami: PDKI's bases were attacked by missiles

Kaveh Bahrami: The Revolutionary Guards have targeted PDKI's base in artillery fire

Three Kurdish Kolbars were wounded on the borders of Baneh, Sardasht and Urmia

Baneh / A mine blast killed a Kurdish citizen

Transfer of heavy weapons to the borders of Baneh and Oshnovieh

Detention of a Marivani citizen after summoning to IRGC intelligence

Execution of a prisoner accused of "premeditated murder" in Naqadeh prison

A Kurdish citizen was maimed due to a landmine explosion

A Kurdish tradesman was killed by government troops at the Chaldoran border

Four Kurdish Kolbar were wounded at Sardasht border