Arrests of the spokesman of The Kurdish United Front in Bokan

The identities of more than thirty detainees protesters in Kurdistan protest rallies have been identified

Identification of two detainees citizens in Sanandaj

Marivan protests rally continue with increasing violence

Continuation of public protests in Marivan and sharp reaction of government officials

The identities of two dead protesters were identified in Javanrud

There's a curfew rule and shutdown internet following by increasing the protests in Kurdistan

Two Kurdish Kolbars were wounded due to the firings of the government troops at the Haji Omran Frontier

Execution of a prisoner accused of murder in Urmia prison

Arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Oshnavieh and Baneh

Several Protesters have killed and injured in Marivan

Transfer of a Kurdish detainee citizen to Urmia Central Prison

An Ilami youth was sentenced to six months in prison

Osman Mustafa Pour, most prominent Kurdish political prisoner still deprived of leaving

Government troops sprayed two Kurdish citizens' auto in Marivan and Sardasht

Two Sardashti Kolbars were wounded in government troops' fires

A Kurdish political prisoner has been released from the Marivan prison after completing his sentence

Arrest of a Kurdish environmental activist in Sarvabad

A Kurdish citizen was injured after government troops fired at Baneh

A prisoner convicted of murder was acquitted from execution

A Kurdish Kolbar was died due to severity of injuries in Urmia

Strike of three Kurdish refugees in Greece

Bokan's Ettelaat summoned a Kurdish citizen

A Kurdish citizen was injured in a mine explosion

Head of Second Branch of Sanandaj Revolutionary Court disagree with the freedom of Zahra Mohammadi

20 Citizens in Kurdistan and Iran have been victimized to landmines and ammunitions

A Kurdish Kolbar died after falling from the Nowsud's heights

A young Kurd was arrested in Sardasht

Injury of a Kurdish Kolbar at Baneh's border

Arrest of two young Kurds in a village of Sanandaj