Detention of a female citizen in Bokan

Baneh; Two Kurdish Kolbars were killed and wounded by government forces

A Kolbar was injured at the border of Urmia

Two Kolbars were injured at the border of Nowsud

A Kurdish soldier was seriously injured by a landmine

Security forces arrested two environmental activists in Piranshahr

Sanandaj; Detention of four citizens by security forces

Baneh; A Kolbar was injured by a landmine

Marivan; Security forces detain six citizens

Sardasht; A Kolbar was wounded by government soldiers

Sanandaj; A citizen was shot dead by police

Baneh border; A Kolbar was shot dead by government troops

A citizen was injured by a mine explosion in Sardasht

Oshnovieh; Two 18 year old boys were arrested by security forces

Urmia; Saada Khedirzadeh's detention was extended

Urmia border; A citizen was killed by direct fire from government forces

Arrest of an environmental activist in Marivan

Oshnovieh; Sardar Alani was sentenced to 15 months in prison

Detention of a citizen by security forces in Piranshahr

Detention of a citizen in Piranshahr

Piranshahr; A citizen was detained by security forces

Sanandaj; Maryam Sadeghi arrested by security forces

A landmine exploded in the Khalifan district in Mahabad

Saqez; Osman Ismaili, a labor activist, was arrested

Landmine blast in Biston injures three Salas-e-Babajani citizens

Baneh; Detention of a citizen by security forces

Piranshahr; A pregnant woman detained by security forces

Unaware of the fate of a Mahabadi citizen after his arrest

Mahabad; Five citizens detained by security forces

Urmia Prison; Anwar Chalshi and Kamel Seydan Maskan were sentenced to 14 years in prison