Arrest of a young Kurd in Baneh

Two members of the Saqez "Halow" mountaineering group were sentenced to prison

Identification of five citizens detained in Saqez protest rallies

A young Kamyarani died under torture

Transfer of four Saqezi citizens to Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau

Execution of two prisoners accused of "premeditated murder" in Urmia Central Prison

Arrest of a labor activist in Sanandaj

Dr. Rashid Kermanj was sentenced to five years in prison

Injury of a Kurdish Kolbar at the border of Piranshahr

Arrest of an environmental activist in Oshnavieh

Arrest of three other protesters in Javarovud

Arrest of a Marivani citizen by IRGC intelligence

Two Kurdish tradesmen killed and injured in Marivan

Urmia military court sentences a citizen from Oshnavieh to six years in prison and exile

Zahra Mohammadi was released on bail

the identity of a young Marivani detainee is verified during protest rallies

Arrest of journalist and environmental activist in Sarpol-e Zahab

Eight Kurdish citizens arrested in the cities of Marivan and Javanrud

Seventy Million wanted for Delivery of Body of One of Karmashan's Recent Protests

Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Javanrud

Sanandaj Forensic Received 40 Million Tomans to Deliver the Dead Body of a Protester from Marivan

Arrest of a cultural activist following Yarsan religion in Kermanshah

Arrest of a Kurdish writer in Kelardasht, Mazandaran

A Kurdish citizen was sentenced to five years in discretionary prison

The detention of Kurdish citizens are continued by Ettelaat

A Kurdish tradesman was died at the border of Saif Saqez

Injuries of two Kurdish Kolbars at the borders of Sardasht and Piranshahr

Eight Kurdish citizens arrested in Kurdish cities

The direct firing of government troops killed a tradesman and a Kurdish Kolbar

A Kurdish political prisoner left Iran