Urmia appeal court upheld 11 years imprisonment for a Kurdish citizen

A Kurdish citizen sentenced to six years in prison

A Kurdish citizen was transferred to Urmia Prison after interrogation

Seven citizens from Oshnavieh were sentenced to 28 years in prison

Arrest of a Kurdish student in Oshnavieh

Two Mahabadi youths were wounded by government troops firing

A Kurdish citizen's bail is auctioned

Arrest of two young in village of Ney, Marivan

A Bokani bookseller was sentenced to three months and one day in prison

A Kurdish citizen was arrested in Sanandaj and transferred to Karmaash's Ettelaat

IRGC Hamzeh base threatened after killing a member in Piranshahr

A Mahabadi teacher sentenced to 15 months in prison

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Lilax region

A Kurdish Kolbar was injured as a result of gunfire of IRGC at the Khoy's border

A Kurdish Kolbar was shot dead by government troops at the border of Baneh

Yosef Kakami was released from prison

Arrest of a Kurdish social activisms in Sanandaj

PDKI: Zarif\'s words and other statements by regime officials do not mean real negotiations to resolve Kurdish issues

A labor activist was sentenced to one year in discretionary imprisonment

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Sanandaj

A Kurdish tradesman wounded at the Oshnavieh\'s border

Another Kurdish citizen was arrested in Damavand

A tradesman from Salmas was died as a result of the firing of the Revolutionary Guards

Two young Kurds were arrested in Marivan

A citizen sentenced to seven years in prison

Arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Damavand

A Kurdish citizen was injured while gathering \"Aleppo oak\" in Sardasht

The fingers of a Kurdish Kolbar will be cut off

Kamil Ahmadi is deprived to access to lawyer

No accurate information is available on the fate of a Kurdish worker