Students' Basij at the University of Ilam prevented the publication of a Kurdish cultural magazine

A Kurdish citizen sentenced to one year in discretionary imprisonment

The Mehran Revolutionary Court sentenced a Kurdish youth to one year in prison

A Kurdish political prisoner was sentenced to death for the second time

IRGC Intelligence arrested a Kurdish youth in Khoy

Arrest of two Kurdish youths in Ilam and Sanandaj by intelligence forces

Arrest of another student at Razi University of Kermanshah

Two Kurdish citizens were killed and injured by cannon fire

Arrest of two students at Razi University of Kermanshah

A member of the Revolutionary Guards was wounded in Baneh

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen Sumay-ye Beradust District, Urmia

Dead Kurdish citizen's body handed over to family during November protests

Two Kurdish Kolbars were wounded at the Chaldoran's border

extended the arrest of a cultural activist and preventing from his temporary freedom

Arrest of a young Kurd in Salmas

Two citizens from Oshnavieh were sentenced to prison

Government troops firings caused two Kurdish Kolbars have taken into the health centers in Khoy

Aram Fathi Arrested by IRGC Intelligence

Arrest of another Sanandaji citizen in Damavand

Arrest of a Kurdish student in Kermanshah

Arrest of a social activism in Eslamabad-e Gharb of Kermanshah

Two political prisoners were sentenced to death and imprisonment

Chia Sohrabi: Adel Bahrami has been deported to Iran after moving to Agri Camp

A Kurdish teacher was fired

A tradesman from Divandarreh was killed by government troops shootings in Khuzestan

Killed and wounded a tradesman and a Kolbar at the Sardasht border

Three Kurdish citizens were arrested in Damavand for unknown reasons

Injuries of two Kurdish Kolbars at the borders of Baneh and Hawraman

Arrest of a social activism in Kermanshah

Transfer of a Kurdish citizen to Oshnavieh prison after acquittal