Transfer of a citizen from Piranshahr to Urmia prison for serving his sentence

A Kurdish environmental activist was sentenced to six years in prison

Parisa Seifi sentenced to three years in discretionary prison

Arrest of another Kurdish youth in Marivan for raising Kurdistan flag

Arrest of a citizen for raising the Kurdistan flag

A Kurdish Kolbar was died after government troops fired at the Baneh's border

The bomb explosion killed a 37-year-old citizen in Sarpol Zahab

The plainclothes arrested a Kurdish youth in Sanandaj

Transfer of five Kurdish citizens to Sepah Detention center in Urmia

Two Kurdish youths were arrested by intelligence forces in Urmia and Piranshahr

A Kurdish citizen was arrested in Kermanshah

Arrest of two Kurdish citizens in Piranshahr for unknown reasons

Arrest of a 18-year-old youth in Oshnavieh

A Kurdish youth was arrested in Urmia

The mine explosion killed a 14-year-old teenager in the Qasr-e Shirin

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Sarpol-e Zahab

Head of Nojin Socio-cultural Association Kamyaran's branch sentenced to three years in prison

Government troops targeted the Kurdish Kolbars at the Nowsud's border

A Kermanshahi citizen was arrested for "cooperating with one of the Kurdish parties"

Arrest of a Kurdish activism in Sanandaj

Arrest of a young Kurdish man for holding a placard "I am not voting"

A six-year prison sentence for an environmental activist was issued in Sanandaj

Fall of a Kurdish Kolbar in the follow up of government troops

Death of a Kurdish Kolbar due to cold weather

Arrest of a Kurdish youth who following the Yarsan faith in Kermanshah

A Kurdish youth was sentenced to four years in prison

Two Kurdish political prisoners were sentenced to death and imprisonment in court

Arrest of two Kurdish citizens on charges of "distributing sweets" on January 22nd

Transfer of a citizen from Sardasht after interrogation to Urmia Central Prison

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Shahin Dezh