Urmia border; A Kolbar died as a result of direct fire from IRGC forces

17:22 - 11 July 2021

 Today, Friday, the 9th of July, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Abdolaziz Hajipour", 43, son of Abdul Jabbar from the village of "Cherik Abad" in the Margavar region, died as a result of a direct fired by the Revolutionary Guards at the border of Urmia.

 This Kolbar was shot directly by Revolutionary Guards forces on his way back from Kolbari in the "Banar" valley of Margavar without any warning.

 According to an informed source, this Kolbar was carrying several boxes of cigarettes.

 The body of this Kolbar was transferred to Urmia forensic medicine.

 This Kolbar is married and has three children.

 According to the statistics registered in the Statistics Center of the Kurdpa Human Rights Organization, during the first six months of the year, a total of 98 Kurdish Kolbars were killed and wounded.