Two other tradesmen were killed at the border of Sardasht

 On Wednesday, September 2, another two Kurdish tradesmen, Soroush Makari and Zanko Ahmadi, from Sardasht, were killed due to firings of government forces at the border with Qaleh Rash

 These two men, along with Zanest Hassan Nejad, another Kurdish tradesman, were shot dead in this incident.

 Zanest Hassan Nejad also lost his life on Wednesday, September 2, as a result of a shooting by government soldiers at the border of "Qaleh Rash" in this city.

 This group of Kurdish tradesmen were ambushed by government forces in a place called "Bazhar".

 Government forces fired directly at this group without any warning.

 Photo: Soroush Makari and Zanko Ahmadi