Two Mahabadi youths were wounded by government troops firing

16:10 - 2 September 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish youths from a village in Mahabad were taken to hospital after being wounded due to firings of the government troops. 

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Wednesday, August 28th, two young Kurdish, known as Shaho Maroufi and Karvan Maroufi, from Gagosh-e Olya, were targeted by government troops. 

 These two young men were taken to Mahabad Hospital for medical treatment after being wounded by government troops.

 Government troops fired on the two young men on their way back from Mirisah village and at the entrance of Gagosh village without prior warning.

 The car of  these two youths was also heavily damaged as a result of direct firing by government troops.

 No accurate information has been released as a reason that the two men were targeted by government troops.