Two Kurdish Kolbars were wounded at the Chaldoran's border

10:54 - 11 January 2020

 Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish Kolbars were seriously injured as a result of direct firing by government troops and were transferred to the city of Van, Turkey and Chaldoran medical centers.

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Thursday, January 9th, a Kurdish Kolbar named Majid Mazloumi, a 25-year-old from the village of Chokhur Kand, Chaldoran, was wounded by government troops shootings. 

 Government troops  have targeted a group of Kurdish Kolbars, resulting in a severe wounding at the Chaldaran border highlands

 This Kolbar was badly injured in the abdomen and was transported to the Van,  Turkey Medical Center for medical treatment.

 Similarly, in recent days, a group of Kurdish Kolbars have been ambushed by Iranian government troops near the village of Madloo in the Chaldoran, and a Kurdish Kolbar named "Mohammad Maraz" was seriously wounded.  .

 He was badly injured in the thigh and back and was taken to Chaldoran Medical Center for medical treatment.