Two Kurdish Kolbars were wounded at the borders of Sardasht and Salmas

10:27 - 27 January 2020

 In recent days, a group of Kurdish Kolbars have been ambushed by Iranian government troops in the border of Salmas, and following the shootings, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Salar Rahmani", 23, son of Mohammad, was injured. 

 This group of Kolbars were on their way from the border village of Shamounin, Salmas  to the Gachtormoz border point.

 Salar Rahmani has been transferred to Salmas Medical Center for medical treatment.

 On the other hand, a group of Kurdish Kolbars in the Vasona border area of ​​Sardasht were targeted by direct government troops and due to these shootings a  Kurdish Kolbar named Mahya Aldin, son of Abu Bakr were severely wounded. 

 This Kolbar was transported to a health center after a bullet wounded in his leg.