Two Kurdish Kolbars were killed and wounded after Turkish troops opened fire

On Saturday evening, May 17, Turkish troops opened fire on a group of Kurdish Kolbars on the Qotur border in Khoy, one Kolbar, Bahram Yousefi, 35, from the village of Beljuk, was killed and another kolbar named Shemsaldin Omarpour was seriously injured.

 These two Kolbars were shot  by Turkish troops in the highlands of Qotur and taken to Van Turkish Hospital.

 These two Kolbars were shot  by Iranian government forces in the village of Beljuk and entered Turkish territory after being chased by government troops, enter the turkey's territory and Turkish Army forces fired on Bahram Yousefi who died on the spot. 

 kolbar's body has not yet been returned to his family.

 Bahram Yousefi is married and has four children.

 Photo: Bahram Yousefi