Two Kurdish Kolbars Killed and Injured due to firings of IRGC in Kelashin

 Kurdpa Agency: IRGC forces fired on a group of Kurdish Kolbars in the Kelashin Heights, Oshnavieh, and resulting in one Kolbar dead and another seriously injured.

 According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Saturday evening, September 21th, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were targeted by the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Kelashin heights, Oshnavieh. 

 A Kurdish Kolbar, Rebwar Omarzadeh, 20, son of Ezat, from the village of Pushabad, was killed and another Kolbar, Rasoul Goran, from Kani Rash village, was injured.

 The Revolutionary Guards forces fired on this group of Kurdish Kolbars without prior notice. the Kolbar's body has not been delivered to his family so far.