Two Kurdish citizens were sentenced to 10 years in prison

 Two Kurdish citizens, Hashem Moradi and Ismail Mohammadpour, from the village of Shinabad, in Piranshahr district, were each sentenced to five years in prison by the Revolutionary Court.

 The court charged these two citizens with "collaborating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government," and the verdict has been announced in recent days.

 Hashem Moradi was arrested in early November after being summoned to the Piranshahr Intelligence Office, and on Saturday, November 28th, the citizen was temporarily released on bail after completing his interrogation.

 Ismail Mohammadpour (Haji Abdullah) was arrested by security forces on the evening of Sunday, November 15th, without any court order, and he was released on bail on Saturday, November 28th, after completing his interrogation.

 Photo: Ismail Mohammadpour (Haji Abdullah) and Hashem Moradi