Two Kurdish citizens were killed and injured by cannon fire

11:01 - 16 January 2020

 Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish citizens were killed and wounded in an unexploded ordnance strike in the town of Azgaleh.

 A few days ago, a Kurdish citizen, Ali Malaki, 22, was killed due to unexploded ordnance and another citizen named Arman Malaki, 19, was seriously injured. according to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency. 

 In this incident, Arman Malaki was injured in knee and right elbow and was taken to medical center for medical treatment.

 Experts have identified the cause of the explosion as a cutting of  Iron plates. 

 According to official investigations, Iran is the second-most contaminated with mines country in the world, and apart from controversial statistics on landmine numbers, it is estimated at four million and two hundred thousand hectares of Iran's land, officials have reported that there has been more than 16 million unexploded mines and ordnance after the end of war in Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzestan.