Two Kolbars were killed and wounded at the borders of Baneh and Sardasht

 On Saturday, April 17th, a Kolbar named "Hiwa Qaderi" from the city of Sardasht fell and lost his life after being chased by government troops from the border heights of Baneh.

 This Kolbar was injured in this incident at the Sardau border, and his body was taken to Baneh by local residents.

 Also, another Kolbar named "Haji Mine Ali" from the village of "Doleh To" in Sardasht was severely wounded by direct fire from government troops on the border of this city.

 This Kolbar was severely wounded in the arm and leg by the soldiers' fire and was transferred to the medical centers of Qala-e Dezeh in the Kurdistan region for medical treatment.

 Photo: Hiwa Qaderi