Two Kolbars were injured at the borders of Sardasht and Baneh

 On the evening of Sunday, September 27, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Ebrahim Rasoulian" from the village of "Garvis" in Sardasht was severely wounded by government troops at the border of this city.

 This Kurdish Kolbar was shot in the leg by government troops and taken to a medical center in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan Region for medical treatment.

 In this regard, on Monday, September 28, another Kolbar named "Rahim Iraji" from the village of "Qureh Darreh" in Saqez was severely wounded after being shot by government troops at the border of "Hangeh zhale" in Baneh.

 This Kurdish Kolbar is currently under medical care in the medical centers of Baneh. 

 Photo: Ebrahim Rasoulian