Three Kurdish Kolbars were wounded on the borders of Baneh, Sardasht and Urmia

On Monday, June 15, a Kurdish Kolbar named Rasoul Hassanzadeh was severely wounded by direct fire from government troops on the "Dola Tu" border in Sardasht.  This Kolbar was taken to Sardasht Medical Center for medical treatment.

 Also on the same day, another courier, Hadi Rasti, from Baneh, was wounded at the Kani Sev border crossing by government troops and taken to medical facilities. Doctors said the condition of this Kolbar is serious.

 On the other hand, on Sunday, June 14, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Qabil Marjaniadrad" from the village of "Aliyeh" in the area of ​​Margavar lost his foot while colliding with a landmine while crossing the border in Urmia.

 Photo: Rasoul Hassanzadeh and Hadi Rasti