Three Kurdish Kolbars were killed and wounded at the border of Urmia

 On the evening of Saturday, June 27, Iranian government forces fired on a group of Kurdish  Kolbars at the border of Urmia, killing two Kurdish Kolbars and wounding another.

 The identities of the two victims, Salem Suleiman Nejad, son of Suleiman, from Silvana, and Tayeb, a resident of the Shepiran area of ​​Salmas, have been identified, and the identity of the injured Kolbar is Davood Majidian, son of Mohammad Salim, from Silvana, has been announced.

 Salem Suleiman Nejad is a 27-year-old boy with one child.

 Government troops have targeted the group with direct fire without complying with the firing rules.

 Photo: Salem Suleiman Nejad