Three Kolbars killed and wounded by government gunfire

 On the evening of Friday, May 8th, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were shot by Iranian government forces on the border of "Bolsur Sofla" in Khoy. One Kolbar "Loghman Chahargoosheh" was killed and two others named "Mansour Chahargoosheh and Meysam Mohammadi" were severely injured.

 Government troops opened fire on these Kolbars without any warning and at close range.

 The Kolbars were shot  by government forces on suspicion of "smuggling."

 In this regard, on Friday, May 8th, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Keyvan Kowsari" from Baneh died as a result of falling from a cliff. 

 Photo: Loghman Chahargoosheh