The firing of the IRGC resulted in severe injury to a Kurdish Kolbar

 Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar from Piranshahr was seriously injured as a result of direct firing by the Revolutionary Guards.

 According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Friday, September 20, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were targeted at the border of Piranshahr by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and a Kurdish Kolbar, Majid Khaledzadeh, 28, son of Abdulsalam, was severely injured.

 This group of Kolbars were targeted without a prior warning by the IRGC and Majid Khaledzadeh was taken to a hospital in Urmia for medical treatment.

 Doctors have declared the general condition of this Kurdish Kolbar is bad.

 in this regard, on Wednesday, September 18th, a Kurdish Kolbar named Khedr Biloke was injured due to firing of the government troops in Sardasht.