Security and military forces arrested a young man in the village of Ney, at the same time as creating a security atmosphere

 On Wednesday, July 1, security forces and military forces detained "Kavan Kasraei", 23, son of "Abo Bakr", in order to prevent the commemoration of three environmental activists who died in the Marahkhel area of ​​Paveh.

 A Kurdpa's reporter in the village of Ney reported that security and military forces had set up a security checkpoint on the village of Ney and settled in the village to prevent the commemoration of the dead environmental activists.

 A Kurdpa's reporter quoted from a resident of Ney village as saying that security forces summoned several young people from the village and made a written commitment to prevent the ceremony.

 The Kurdpa's reporter continued the report by saying that the security and military forces inspected the people in "Ney intersection"  and prevented the citizens from moving to the village of Ney.

 On Sunday, June 28, three environmental activists, Mukhtar Khandani, spokesman, member of the founding board and member of the operational committee of the Zhiva Paveh Association, Bilal Amini and Yasin Karimi, died in a fire in the Marahkhel area of ​​Paveh.

 On Monday morning, June 29, the body of Mokhtar Khandani, a member of the operational committee of the zhiva Paveh Association, was buried at night under pressure from the city's intelligence department.