Saqez; Osman Ismaili, a labor activist, was arrested

Today, Wednesday, October 20th, Osman Ismaili, a labor activist from Saqez, was arrested by security forces in front of his house.

 According to Mahmoud Salehi, a labor activist, plainclothes and security forces have been controlling the work and living conditions of Osman Ismaili since this morning, Wednesday October 20th. 

  no information is available on the reason for the arrest and the charges against Osman Ismaili.

 On Wednesday, June 9th, Osman Ismaili and Mahmoud Salehi were released from Saqez prison.

 On Thursday, May 27th, the First Branch of the Saqqez Revolutionary Court issued a preliminary verdict for Osman Ismaili and Mahmoud Salehi.

 According to the court verdict, Mahmoud Salehi, a first-degree defendant, and Osman Ismaili, a second-degree defendant, were charged with "propaganda against the regime" by gathering illegally on International Workers' Day and taking photos and posting images online, citing Article 500 of the Fifth Penal Code and deterrent punishments of the Islamic Penal Code adopted in 1375, the first-degree defendant was sentenced to three months imprisonment and the second-degree defendant to six months imprisonment.

 Considering the mitigating circumstances stated in Article 38 of the Islamic Penal Code adopted in 1392, citing Article 6 of the Penal Code governing Article 37 of the Islamic Penal Code, three months imprisonment of Mahmoud Salehi was changed to a fine of 20 million Rials and six months of imprisonment of Osman Ismaili was changed to forty  Million Rials fine.

 On Tuesday, May 25th, the trial of Osman Ismaili and Mahmoud Salehi on charges of political activist (publishing his images in cyberspace attributed to anti-regime groups), illegally holding International Workers' Day and propaganda against the regime, via video conference and online from inside prison was held with the judge of Saqez Justice Revolution Branch.

 The trial of the two labor activists was not held on Monday, May 24th, despite the time and branch of the court hearing.

 On Sunday, May 16th, Osman Ismaili and Mahmoud Salehi, after being arrested by the Third Branch of the Saqez Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office and granted bail for temporary release, were transferred to Saqez Prison.