Revolutionary Guards drones fired rockets into the heights of the Kurdistan Region

 On Wednesday, September 9, the heights of the Iraqi Kurdistan region were targeted by missiles fired by Revolutionary Guards drones.

 Revolutionary Guards drones targeted the people 's residence and the "Telan" heights in the Seydkan district  in the Kurdistan region.

 IRGC drone missiles have set fire to people's gardens and agricultural fields and caused great damage to the people of the region.

 In this regard, on Monday, August 3, the Revolutionary Guards shelled the territory of the Kurdistan Region after drone attacks on the bases of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces.

 During the shelling, the Revolutionary Guards targeted mountain heights, Peshmerga strongholds, and civilian residences.

 On Monday, September 7, Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a news conference with local and foreign medias about the shelling of Iraqi Kurdistan by the Revolutionary Guards. "No village has been attacked and all that  "Action has now been taken against the camps."

 Since 216, the territory of Kurdistan Region has been repeatedly attacked by artillery and missiles of the Revolutionary Guards.