Massive arrests of Kurdish citizens in Marivan

09:45 - 15 October 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Intelligence forces massively detained Kurdish citizens in Marivan, following a rally in support of Rojava.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, On October 12th, intelligence forces in Marivan arrested citizens who participated in a rally in support of Rojava. 

 Kurdpa's correspondent reported almost 15 citizens who were detained by law enforcement officers without legal authorization.

 Informed sources described the identities of some of the detainees as "Kamal Konaposhi, a member of the board of the Green Chia Association, Hemat Karimi, Diako Taba, Mobin Naderi, Omid Haghparast and Mobin Karimi."

 Some of the detainees are said to have been detained in Marivan's Bawarashi Square.

 on Friday afternoon, October 11th, protesters in the city of Marivan were involved in violence with of law enforcement officers, and law enforcement officials clashed with protesters.