Maku; A citizen was killed by IRGC forces and his body was not delivered to his family

 On Wednesday, April 14th, a Kurdish citizen named "Ahmad Arsan", the son of Hassan from the village of "Molik" in the Maku district, lost his life as a result of the firing of the Revolutionary Guards.

 A relative of the citizen told Kurdpa: Revolutionary Guards forces raided the private house of this citizen and shot him directly from the window of his house.

 The informed source added: after firing on this citizen, the Revolutionary Guards took his body with them and refused to deliver the body to his family.

 The informed source stated: The Revolutionary Guards claimed that Ahmad Arsan had clashed with their forces while he did not carry any cold or hot weapons.

 The informed source stated: The family of this citizen was forced to hold a funeral for their son after the threats of the IRGC forces.

 The informed source said that the security and judicial institutions refuse to provide a clear answer on how this incident happened.

 After the citizen was killed, security forces arrested Shahram Arsan, the citizen's nephew, in Maku on charges of "disclosing" the matter, and released him after interrogation.