Landmine blast in Biston injures three Salas-e-Babajani citizens

 On Tuesday, October 19th, a citizen named "Aram Ahmadi", the son of Vali, from "Zamkan" village in the city of Salas-e-Babajani, was wounded in the leg after a mine exploded in the city of Bistoon.

 This citizen was taken to Kermanshah hospital for medical treatment after this incident.

 In this regard, on Thursday, the 14th of October, a member of the military in the border areas of Nowsud was injured by a landmine and suffered a disability in his left leg.

 The governor of Nowsud identified this 35-year-old soldier as "Rasoul Rahmani", who had been hit by a landmine left over from the Iran-Iraq war at the "Tak Drakht" border in Nowsud.