Kurdish citizens continue to be detained in Piranshahr

 Following the arrest of Kurdish citizens in Piranshahr on Tuesday, May 5th, five citizens, Ali Ghaderi, son of Rasoul, Mohammad Qaderi, son of Aziz, Hesam Aldin Pirani, son of Zahir, Amir Ghaderi, son of Khadar and Salam Kheri Aghlan, were arrested by security forces.

 Also on Monday, May 4th, another citizen named "Vahed Qaderi", the son of Rasoul, was arrested by security forces.

 These six citizens were taken to an unknown location after their arrest, and their fates are unknown.

 So far, the exact reason for the arrest of these six citizens are unclear. 

 In this regard, on Monday, May 4th, two Kurdish citizens named "Ahad Mahmoud Hassan" and "Abu Bakr Mahmoud Hassan" from Piranshahr were arrested by security forces.