Kurdish citizen was arrested again in Piranshahr

 On Sunday, July 21, a Kurdish citizen named "Seyed Ahmad Sabri", the son of Seyed Mostafa from Pasveh, Piranshahr, was arrested again by security forces.

 Security forces raided the citizen's paternal home in Pasveh and detained him without a legal permit.

 On Sunday, March 1, 2020, security forces arrested Seyed Ahmad Sabri and his father, Seyed Mostafa Sabri, and Seyed Mostafa Sabri was released after several hours of interrogation. Seyed Ahmad Sabri was transferred to the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia for interrogation.

 This Kurdish citizen was released on bail of 250 million Tomans in early April.

 Security forces have accused Seyed Ahmad of "collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party of Iran."