Kaveh Bahrami: The Revolutionary Guards have targeted PDKI's base in artillery fire

On Tuesday, June  16, Revolutionary Guards artillery shelled mountainous areas between the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Iranian Kurdistan.

 Kaveh Bahrami, the head of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces Command, told Kurdpa that the artillery of the Revolutionary Guards targeted military bases of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

 He added: "The Revolutionary Guards used weapons such as cannons and Katyusha in these artillery shells, and the IRGC drones were flying over the artillery area."

 The head of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces Command said: "These artillery shells did not cause any casualties and the Kurdistan Peshmerga are in perfect health."

 Kaveh Bahrami called the IRGC's goal in shelling Kurdish territory "to harm the people and the environment of Kurdistan in order to cover up the critical situation of the Iranian government and the internal problems of public opinion."