Kaveh Bahrami: PDKI's bases were attacked by missiles

 For the second day in a row, the IRGC's artillery continued shelling the Alaneh Heights in the Kurdistan Region and targeted the bases of the Kurdish opposition parties. 

 continued artillery shelling by the Revolutionary Guards have caused significant damage to the region's environment.

 Kaveh Bahrami, the head of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces Command, told Kurdpa about the targeting of the Democrat Party's bases: The Revolutionary Guards have targeted the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan's basses with missiles. 

 The head of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces Command added: "The Revolutionary Guards have used cannons, Katyusha, mortars and rockets in bombarding the territory of Kurdistan."

 Kaveh Bahrami stated: These artillery shelling of the Revolutionary Guards did not cause any casualties and the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan are in perfect health.

 According to Bahrami, the Revolutionary Guards have recently moved large numbers of heavy and advanced weapons along with troops to the borders of Kurdistan.