Government troops targeted the Kurdish Kolbars at the Nowsud's border

 On Sunday, February 16th, a group of Kurdish Kolbars at the Nowsud's border in Paveh were targeted by direct firings of Iranian government troops.

 Following these firings, a Kurdish Kolbar named Ahmad Sahrai, 24, son of Momen from the village of Dashe was died, and several other Kolbars, Azim Aminzadeh, from the village of Narvi, Jabar Mohammadi, Zahid Nouri, Jalal Nouri, Shahed Adak, Rasoul Houshi, Shadman Saidi and Taha Salmani, from Kalash village, Javanrud were injured.

 This group of Kurdish Kolbars have been shot by government troops without any warning.

First, the wounded Kolbars were taken to Nowsud Clinic for medical treatment and then transferred to Paveh Hospital.