Government troops firings caused two Kurdish Kolbars have taken into the health centers in Khoy

11:16 - 7 January 2020

 Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish Kolbars from Khoy  were wounded as a result of gun fires by border's troops in Qutur. 

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, January 4th, two Kurdish Kolbars named "Ali Yousefi, 25, son of Mohammad and Behnam Alizadeh, 20, son of Hussein" from Baljuk village in Qutur district of Khoy were injured as result of the firing of the government troops. 

 According to an informed source, these two Kurdish Kolbars, along with a group of Kolbars, were shot by government troops at the height of the village of Baljuk.

 Government troops have been targeting these two Kolbars at close range at the border with Turkey without prior warning, the source said.

 These two Kolbars were taken to Khoy  medical centers for medical treatment.