Execution of a prisoner accused of "premeditated murder" in Naqadeh prison

 At dawn on Wednesday, June 10, a prisoner accused of "premeditated murder" named "Rahim Yousefi" from the village of "Sowghanlu", Piranshahr was executed in Naghadeh Prison.

 This prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement in Naqadeh Prison on Tuesday, June 9, to perform his sentence.

 A number of civil society activists, acquaintances and relatives of the prisoner gathered in front of their home and Naqadeh prison to gain the consent of the victim's family, but the efforts of the civil activists were unsuccessful.

 Rahim Yousefi, 40, is married and has two children who went to Piranshahr Police Criminal Investigation Department to confess to accidentally murder of his friend, Khaled Nezakat, four years ago. 

 The Piranshahri citizen was eventually sentenced to retribution (execution) by the judiciary on charges of "premeditated murder" and his sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.