Detention of two citizens in the village of "Ney" in Marivan

On Tuesday, March 23rd, two Kurdish citizens, Salman Afra, son of Rahmat, and Seywan Parto, son of Zahrab, from the village of Ney, in Marivan, were arrested by security forces.

 Security forces arrested these two citizens without issuing any court order and transferred them to an unknown location.

 The two citizens were arrested by security forces after a Nowruz celebration in the village of Ney.

 According to an informed source, security forces also raided the family home of Mohammad Parvazeh, son of hussein but failed to arrest him.

 Salman Afra, who has a conviction record, was released from Marivan prison on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. 

 This young Kurd was sentenced to five years in prison by a court of first instance on charges of "collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party of the Iranian government," which was commuted to one year in prison on appeal.

 On Saturday, March 20, despite the large presence of special guards to prevent the celebration of Nowruz in the village of "Ney", the citizens of this village lit a fire to celebrate Nowruz.

 Photo: Sewan Parto and Salman Afra