Detention of three Kurdish citizens in Marivan and Baneh

 On Monday, August 24, two Kurdish citizens, Farzad Moradi and Anoshirvan Rezaie, from the village of "Helizabad" in the Marivan district, were arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

 Security forces arrested the two citizens after attending in ceremony at the shrine of environmental martyrs in Marivan.

 Also on Sunday, August 23, a Kurdish citizen named "Sharif Amini", the son of Ahmad from the village of "Shui" in Baneh, was arrested by security forces.

 This Kurdish citizen was transferred to an unknown location after his arrest, and his fate is unknown.

 the exact reason for the arrest and the charges against the three citizens are not known.

 Photo: Anoshirvan Rezaie, Farzad Moradi and Sharif Amini