Death of a Kurdish Kolbar due to cold weather

10:43 - 3 February 2020

 On Saturday, February 1st, a Kurdish Kolbar , "Osman Fotouhi", 55, from the village of Mishiau, who lives in the "Taze Abad" neighborhood of Saqez, was died due to cold weather. 

 The other two Kolbars who were known as "Amir Karimzadeh" from the village of "Dirziarat" and "Amir Tarjan" along with Osman Fotouhi, but their exact status are not clear. 

 Osman Fotouh has five children who had moved to Kurdistan's border areas due to financial need.

 On Friday the 31st of January, a group of Kolbars who were trapped in the snow and blizzard on the border of the "Se Kochka" in Saqqez were rescued with the help of local residents.