Death of a 19-year-old Kolbar due to firing of government troops in Sardasht

12:21 - 17 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: A young Kolbar from Rabat, Sardasht was died as result of the direct firing by government troops.

 According to a report received by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Sunday, December 15th, a Kurdish Kolbar named Hadi Hassani, 19, son of Osman, from the city of Rabat, was shot  by government troops.

 Government troops have shot this Kurdish Kolbar at the Sardasht border without any warning.

 Due to a lack of work, he is carrying loads at the Sardasht border.

 In this connection, on Saturday, December 14th, a Kurdish tradesman named "Aziz Maroufi", son of Hussein, from the village of "Bimzorteh", Oshnavieh was died as a result of the firing of government troops at the border of this city.