Baneh border; A Kurdish Kolbar was killed by direct fire from government forces

11:51 - 13 July 2021

 On Saturday, July 10th, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Hamed Aminpour" from the village of "Mahidar" in the city of Saqez lost his life as a result of firing by the Iranian government forces at the border of "Bervishkani".

 In an interview with Kurdpa, a member of the family said that he had been bleeding profusely as a result of being shot by government soldiers, and that his lifeless body had been found on the morning of Sunday, July 11th.

 This informed source added: The military forces of the Iranian government has fired directly at this Kolbar along with a group of Kolbars without any prior notice.

 Hamed Aminpour, 48, is the son of Hussein, married and has six children.