Baneh / A mine blast killed a Kurdish citizen

 On Monday, June 15, a Kurdish citizen named "Ahmad Alam" from the village of "Surab" in Baneh, lost his life in a landmine explosion.

 According to an informed source, the citizen had a mine incident while working in his garden.

 The informed source added: "Ahmad Alam lost his life due to the severity of the injuries caused by the mine explosion."

 In this regard, on Tuesday, June 9, a Kurdish citizen named "Satar Asghari", the son of Abdullah, was injured in the explosion of a landmine in the village of "Lik Ben" in the Lajan district of Piranshahr, and lost a number of his toes.

 Also on Sunday, June 7, a Kurdish citizen named Haidar Aliyari,30, was amputated in the heights behind the village of Sardavo in Baneh, due to a landmine explosion.