Arrest of two Kurdish youths in Ilam and Sanandaj by intelligence forces

11:21 - 20 January 2020

 Kurdpa Agency: Intelligence forces arrested two Kurdish youths from Ilam and Sanandaj for unknown reasons.

 An Elamite youth named Amir Ali Majd was arrested by intelligence agents at his bookstore on Saturday, January 18th, according to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency.

 The arrest of the Kurdish young man was carried out any without legal authorization, and intelligence forces beat him during his detention.

 In this connection, on Friday, January 17th, a Kurdish youth named Arman Mohammadi from Sanandaj was arrested by the IRGC and transferred to the detention center of Shahramfar for interrogation.

 No exact information is available as to the reasons for the arrests of the two Kurdish citizens. 

 Photo: Amir Ali Majd and Arman Mohammadi