Arrest of Akbar Haidarpour, a prominent athlete in Dehloran

 Akbar (Hiwa) Haidarpour, a well-known athlete from Dehloran city of Ilam province, was arrested by security forces on Friday, April 16th, and transferred to an unknown location.

 Security forces raided Mr. Haidarpour's home without issuing any court order and arrested him.

 According to an informed source, this athlete has been detained by security forces on charges of "collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party of the Iranian government."

 The informed source added: the security forces confiscated the athlete's personal belongings, including his mobile phone, and took them away.

 This informed source stated: So far, the follow-ups of this citizen's family to find out about his fate has been fruitless.

 Akbar Haidarpour holds a PhD in World Martial Arts from the World WFSF Federation, is a member of the Asian Student Olympic Council, and is the founder and president of the World Original Kickboxing Organization (WOK).