Ako Jalilian was arrested

12:30 - 17 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Ako Jalilian, prominent Kurdish author, researcher, linguist and folklorist was arrested by intelligence forces.

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday evening, December 15th, Ako Jalilian, a prominent Kurdish writer, researcher, linguist and folklorist, was detained by intelligence forces and taken to an unknown location.

 Intelligence forces raided the researcher's personal home in Karmanshah and arrested him after an inspection. The arrest of this Kurdish researcher took place without any legal authorization and no information is available on the reason for his arrest.

 On Monday, December 2nd, Bashour Cultural and Publication Center presented Ako Jalilian, the first literary award.

 Ako Jalilian is a Kurdish author, researcher, linguist, and folklorist was born in Eslamabad-e-Gharb, 1971, who has spent many years serving the Kurdish language, culture, and literature and has so far had valuable works such as: Kurdish-Kurdish-Farsi Bashur Dictionary, Agramloch's novel (the first south Kurdish novel), Tarik khaneh Volume 1; Karmashan (A New Birthmark for Ancient History), Zarine and Simineh, Volumes 5, ( riddles, believes, and Folk peom), Rangnameh novel, Kurdics Encyclopedia, only the vocabulary section consists of 30 volumes and contains 34,000 Kurdish words. So far, 6 volumes have been published and give them to the Kurdish Library.